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Recently, I was asked for a reminder about the meaning of PRAL. I realize that I spend so much time researching PRAL and the benefits of lowering acid load that I forget about the basics. So here's a quick summary… PRAL stands for Potential Renal Acid Load. Where: - Potential refers to the fact that is an estimate. - Renal means that it applies to your kidneys. - Acid Load is the effect of food after it has been digested. The method for calculating PRAL was developed by Remer, Manz, and others during the 1990s ( When they spent time proving the concept. Which corrected the view that acid load could be measured by testing the pH of ash from incinerated food. Unfortunately, that outdated view is still promoted by many people. Especially where it helps promote the sale of questionable supplements or badly researched books. Subsequently, many scientists have reported links between lower acid load, as measured by PRAL, and many common diseases. I'd love to hear from people who use PRAL analysis of food history or for menu planning. Or if you just want more information about the benefits of lowering acid load.

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