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Foodary Nexus by Keith Taylor
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As a Foodary Nexus subscriber, you get a newsletter explaining additions and improvements to food resources. More importantly, you get lifelong access to special subscriber resources. Including:

  • Foodary Gossip - Keith's research notes before comment responses.
  • Foodary Triage - Preview of progress towards resolving personal food concerns.
  • Foodary Research - Preview of nutrition & disease research notes.
  • Foodary Navigator - Preview of new food projects.
  • Foodary Library - PDFs, Spreadsheets, and other documents that support recipes, meal plans, food lists, and other food projects.

I will add details of resources as they become available. But for now, the main benefit of subscribing is to stay updated about new features.

To be clear, your subscription for all of this is free. So enter 0 in the Name a fair price box. But if you think it's fair to make a small donation, then please enter whatever you like in that box.

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Occasional updates about all the tools and resources that you get lifelong access to.

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Foodary Nexus Subscriber News

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