Ice Cream & Gout Templates Project

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It's likely that you arrived here from the link on Is Ice Cream Bad for Gout? But if not, I strongly recommend you read it now. Or, at least, as soon as you've joined this project. Because you must understand that this is a template development project. Which means that the templates here are incomplete.

However, I will ensure that we can resolve your concerns about ice cream & gout. Because the whole point of these templates is that they are personalized to suit your circumstances. So you will get your template(s). But it might take a little longer than with finished templates.

Ice Cream & Gout Templates

Depending on your gout progression phase, we will create one or more personalized templates. Which you can use during shared decision-making with your health advisers.

  • Phase 1: How Does Ice Cream Cause My Gout?
  • Phase 2: How Does Ice Cream Affect My Gout Symptoms?
  • Phase 3: How Does Ice Cream Affect My Gout Pain Relief?
  • Phase 5: How Can Ice Cream Cure My Uric Acid?
  • Phase 6: How Much Ice Cream Cures My Uric Acid?

In addition to those 5 phases, I include your ice cream consumption profile and related concerns. From which you can work on any or all. Giving you up to 7 personal templates.


I include references for each template. Also, for any additional research required for your personal circumstances. Because these are important when you are fulfilling your responsibilities within your patient-physician partnership.

I describe all references in the standard version. So that you can share these with your medical team.

In most cases, that is enough to allow you and your team to make your shared decisions. Especially as many gout studies are now publicly available. But if you want personal access to the resources I refer to, you can buy the Research Version (described below on mobile, or to the right on desktop).


All template discussions are restricted to members. Being people who have bought this product. Or who have bought a GoutPal membership. So I refer to these as group discussions. And I encourage members to be as active as they can be. So that they resolve their concerns about ice cream as quickly as possible.

However, if you prefer to keep conversations with me private, you can opt for the Private Version (described below on mobile, or to the right on desktop).

Are You Excited About Ice Cream?

Now I've built up the excitement, I hope you're not too disappointed to learn that these templates are still under development. So the bad news is that your finished template isn't finished yet. But the good news is that you still get all the answers and information you need to manage your ice cream consumption. Including references and research materials to guide your shared decision-making processes. Even better news is the standard version is free. Though you're always allowed to pay more if you want :).

Ice Cream & Gout Templates Status

As the first edition of ice cream templates for gout, I have reduced the price. Once you join this project, you have access to all existing and new templates and associated resources. But note that the price rises as content grows. So join early for the best value.

My current focus is on developing the template for phase 1. Where you and/or your doctor have identified that your current ice cream consumption is one of the reasons you have gout. So, we identify how to set your ice cream consumption targets. Within the context of Gout Foundation Eating Patterns. Together with appropriate recipes. However, you can address all your concerns about ice cream and gout. In fact, I will always prioritize your requests over my current plans.

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Ice Cream & Gout Templates Project

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