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There are many reasons why the pH of food matters. Including:

  • Food preparation, especially canning, bottling and other ways of preserving fresh food.
  • Taste, especially where you're trying to balance sweet and sour flavors.
  • Oral health, including the effects of food on dental caries, mouth ulcers, etc.
  • Gut health, including the effects of food on throat, esophagus, stomach, acid reflux, GERD (GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease), etc.

At, I mostly cover the effects of food after digestion. Especially using PRAL, which estimates the effects of food on urine pH. But this attracts many visitors looking for facts about the pH of food measured before we eat it. So I don't want to ignore those visitors. Hence, this workshop. Where we can clarify how to present my food pH data in ways that help you best. Especially where you want scientific data that you can use as part of shared decision-making with health and nutrition professional advisers.

pH of Food Workshop Scope

If you have health concerns about food, you should consult a doctor, dietitian, or other professional adviser. Those advisers should identify your responsibilities and help you play your part in any shared decision-making processes. Unfortunately, many advisers don't provide that support. Which is why you are here.

The aim of the workshop is to help you identify those processes and find scientific data that supports decision-making. I do not provide advice. Though, I may share my opinion and experiences if you ask for them.

pH of Food Workshop Support

I do not give refunds for this workshop. Because once you buy it, you have gained your lifetime access. It is up to you how you use it. But be aware that I will not respond to anything that does not relate directly to the pH of food in this workshop. So, if you are unsure about commitment, I recommend you ask in the pre-purchase support group. Bearing in mind that it is a public discussion.

Pre-purchase Support

This pH of Food Workshop is for resolving any concerns about the pH of food before it passes through the stomach. So if you are not sure if it covers your concern, please ask in the public pH of Food Workshop discussion.

Discussion Support

I provide an online group discussion and email support. The online discussion is only seen by people who have paid for the workshop. Being the group workshop where I help you resolve your concerns. If you email me, I will post a summary of your concern with my response in the online workshop. So make it clear to me in your email if there is any information that I should not post.

My responses include references to journals, databases, or other scientific sources. Because I believe it is important that you have information that can be independently verified. Allowing you to discuss your needs as part of the shared decision-making with professional advisers. But I do not give advice. Other than to point out those facts that are relevant to your consultations with advisers.

To be clear, the workshop is an online group. Similar to the pre-purchase support discussion described above. Except it is not public. I provide email support to help you use that workshop. And to post for you if you have difficulty using it. But I do not include workshop topic information by email. Unless you buy the "Consultation" version.

Information Support

This includes everything in the Discussion version, plus I:

  • Give priority response over Discussion version.
  • Provide access to my research notes. Including source information where available.
  • Share pre-publication drafts of articles that I create during the workshop.
  • Respond to questions, experiences, and opinions about my research notes and pre-publication drafts.

Consultation Support

This will be a separate product. Details and prices to be agreed.

pH of Food Workshop Status

This is a new workshop. So the price reflects the low level of data available. But you retain lifetime access at the current price.

Imagine how smug you will feel next year. If the Information version price rises to $50+. But you bought lifetime service for only £7!

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pH of Food Workshop

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