GoutPal User Documentation Project

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This is my first GoutPal Links project. Aimed at GoutPal visitors who want to:

  1. Learn how GoutPal works
  2. Gain efficiency in resolving their gout concerns
  3. Optionally share their knowledge of GoutPal with other gout sufferers

This project is different from others as it will always be free to subscribers.

GoutPal User Documentation Project Scope

The draft scope is to explain:

  • Benefits of GoutPal services for users
  • How to access those benefits
  • Anything else that users expect

After launch, the first task for the project is to agree its scope.

Your GoutPal User Documentation Benefits

Join this project to get some or all of:

  • Priority solutions to concerns about how to use GoutPal services.
  • Learn from other people
  • Advance notice - read GoutPal content before publication
  • Extra information - full reports, topic organization charts, definitions, links to related information, etc.

GoutPal User Documentation Project Status

This research project is at stage 3: Promote project to attract contributors.

Stages are:

  1. Create this research project announcement $ n/a
  2. Publish the research project and this announcement $0
  3. Promote project to attract contributors $0
  4. Proposal/Scope $0+
  5. Information collection $0+
  6. Review existing documentation and summarize strengths and weaknesses, including omissions $0+
  7. Conduct related research (if any) $0+
  8. Publish updated GoutPal user documentation $0+
  9. Optionally retain for ongoing improvement $5+

Once you join this project, you have access to all existing and new research materials.

GoutPal User Documentation Next Steps

  • Promote by adding links to existing pages
  • Confirm or clarify the project scope
  • List the pages affected in the project instructions

GoutPal User Documentation History

  • 6 Jan 2023 published & announced @ $0

GoutPal User Documentation Team Members

  • 6 Jan 2023 1 team member
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1 instruction document and 1 contribution guide. Plus collaboration email address if you want to join in.

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GoutPal User Documentation Project

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